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“Guitars - 9 Different Tones You’ve Never Seen”

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Luthiers with Yoshio Nomura + Hiroshi Sekita

“ART FAIR TOKYO 2019” Guitars Showcase
March 10th, 2019 at 6pm
At Ginza Yamano Music Store 7th floor / Free of charge
At this showcase, all luthier’s from nine guitar brands has public talk with a Japanese guitar player
Yoshio Nomura and a bass player Hiroshi Sekita.
Introducing all nine guitars displayed at “ART FAIR TOKYO 2019”and listen to the actual sounds of them.

Andy Manson / Andy Manson Custom Guitars

A haiku poem presents an idea and feeds the imagination within the confines of a defined structure.
A guitar is thus. Building guitars is an excercise in engineering, a model for integrity, a meditation;it is poetry, and for me a way of life.
My workshop is an alchemical laboratory, a temple to creation.
Whilst the instrument must be structurally sound and reliably functional, and it is seen by many as a work of art in itself,
it offers opportunity for aesthetic and spiritual expression.
This can take place in a variety of ways. Shape, inlays and marquetry, carving and surface finishing.
Ultimately, it is a tool for the art of the musician. My role is to interpret dreams and manifest that which will enable his or her art.
I built my first guitar in 1967, since which time I have built over a thousand pieces, flat tops,
arch tops, classicals, mandolins,celtic bouzoukis and various other associated fretted instruments.
In May I will be seventy years old, yet still feel like a young man and enjoy my work equally with
my love for playing guitar with my friends. It is a thrill and an honour to be invited to participate in this exhibition.

ANDY MANSON CUSTOM GUITARS official website : andymanson.com

Sam Evans / Cardinal Instruments

Cardinal builds instruments for those that understand the value being unique.
Through select woods, custom hardware, pickups wound in-house, and attention to the smallest of details,
a player is getting an instrument that is not only unique – but also a versatile and expressive tool that works perfectly with the musician.
“I started this company with a simple idea: be unique. I wanted to stand out as a builder who offered a player something they couldn’t get elsewhere.
Whether it was a unique shape, a custom wound pickup, a piece of hardware, or a perfect piece of wood mated to a particular scale length – I wanted to offer it.
There is so much more to be discovered in the world of stringed instruments, and for musicians, that is good news indeed.”

CARDINAL INSTRUMENTS official website : www.cardinalinstruments.com

Adriano Sérgio / Ergon Guitars

Ergon Guitars are a combination of a life-long passion for music and all things artistic.
It is also a continuation of the brave journey started by other builders who dared to do things beyond the norm,
as we stand on the shoulders of giants. The instruments are made to be a beautiful extension of the musician’s body,
granting a more fluid channel through which expression can be manifested. Each guitar is unique and brings a new sound,
because no two instruments are similar. Even inside the same design family, every guitar is different and an evolution of the previous.

ERGON GUITARS official website : www.ergonguitars.com

KazGoto+AkikoOda / Jersey Girl homemade guitars

Jersey Girl homemade guitars is a guitar brand located in Hokkaido, Japan. Established in 1991.
JGHG guitars and basses are considered as a part of music itself, so are called “Compositions”.
It has to meet their own standards process by process. JGHG formed by two luthiers and a guitar strap creator,
and build 12 to 15 compositions per year.

Kaz / designs, woodworking, pickup making and build up
Akiko / color coordination, coating and inlay works
Eiko / making straps and other fabric works

JERSEY GIRL HOMEMADE GUITARS official website : www.jerseygirlhg.com

Peter Malinoski / Malinoski Guitars

Peter Malinoski has been making art objects for over 35 years. His formal studies included Architecture,
Functional Design and Fine Art with specialties in wood, printmaking and furniture. His experience ranges
from college instructor, museum specialist and studio manager to boat mechanic, woodworker, musician and bicycle messenger.
Peter Malinoski started making electric basses in the early 1980s to meet his needs for a different instrument to be used as a creative musical tool.
Since shifting his focus to electric guitars he has become known for his prolific production and an eclectic approach to ideas of construction and choice of materials.

Peter has explored the full range of this medium from the accepted traditional to the outer edge of tolerance; he seeks a new direction of electric guitars by
following different aesthetic possibilities and concepts of purpose.
He has committed to push the instrument to places yet to be understood.

“I try to make electric guitars that tap into the raw spirit and soul of the instrument.
I want my guitars to say something and to speak loudly.”

MALINOSKI GUITARS official website : www.malinoskiguitar.com

Michihiro Matsuda

Michihiro Matsuda was born and raised in Japan. Pairing traditional woodworking skills with an innovative sense of design and construction,
he builds around eight guitars each yearin his shop in Redwood city, CA.
He is striving to make instruments that integrate fine materials with his dedicated sound study.
Each of his guitars is unique, personal, and individual.
His wish is that Matsuda guitars are recognized as more than just tools for music,
and his artistic influence will inspire players to even greater creative heights.

MICHIHIRO MATSUDA official website : www.matsudaguitars.com

Matt Proctor / M-tone Guitars

Matt Proctor is a guitar maker, sculptor and musician who has been building M-tone guitars since 2009.
His art-filled studio is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, USA.
Every M-tone guitar is one-of-a kind and meticulously hand made from rough milling of the wood to final setup.
These instruments are defined by innovative shapes, finishes and materials.
Matt draws on many techniques he originally developed for his cast metal sculpture, frequently incorporating hammered,
folded and patinated steel, brass, copper and aluminum components.
M-tone guitars are known for their seductive hand- carved necks, impeccable fretwork, and unusual finishes.

M-TONE GUITARS official website : www.m-tone.com

Claudio&Claudia Pagelli / Pagelli Gitarrenbau

Pagelli… the guitars with the spark inside.
  Pagelli‘s are Pagelli‘s … no need to mince words … benchmarks since 1978.  Or to repeat the words of Connoisseurs:
  “Pagelli’s are not top of the league … they are in a league of their own!” (Heinz Rebellius, Gitarre&Bass, Germany)
  “Pagelli’s have a pretty rare combination of boundless creativity, exacting building standards and stellar artistic sensibilities.”
(Ben Friedman, PremierGuitar, USA)
When starting building guitars in 1978 I had already a few years of rebellion behind me. It was the 70’s, the golden age of rock’n’roll!
There was the establishment or the hippies… long hair rebellion against the machine… : )
  Of course I had long hair – and the weapon was my guitar. It was just the coolest instrument ever.
Imagine a rebellion with a flute. In those days there were no music stores (at least where I was living), no internet, but radio stations
from far away – fading in and out – but when fading in it was just high time. And then a pic from Hendrix, burning his guitar.
Wow! Those moments have been the ignition for making my first guitar, at 13!  A tele style guitar. Not good, but a start.
In the meantime, closer to 60 than 50 and now together with my wife Claudia, I made hundreds of instruments, most of them one offs,
some with weird shapes, some with innovations, some with all together, but hopefully all with the special spark inside that can inspire
musicians – and starting revolutions…”

PAGELLI GITARRENBAU official website : www.pagelli.com

Michael Spalt / Spalt Instruments

Michael Spalt has been making guitars for nearly 20 years now – starting out with the L.A. Guitar Garage in the late 90’s,
over the years he’s worked on and made guitars for many of the stars in the bustling Los Angeles music scene.
After moving to Europe in 2009, he is now working out of his studio in Vienna.
Michael’s instruments are singular tools designed to please the ear and the eye, to entice the musician to pick them up,
and to enchant and inspire the player with their feel and tone.

SPALT INSTRUMENTS official website : www.spaltinstruments.com