Jersey Girl homemade guitars are :

  • Akiko - Coatings, Colorings, Finishing and Inlay works.
  • Eiko - Making Straps and all the Needle works.
  • Kaz - Design, Woodworkings, Making Pickups and Setup.
  • Bun & Tango the Shop Cat - Customer service
  • HAL & MAIO- Helping all our works!

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Inquiry Form :

  • Temporary closing due to full of the future project.
  • Thank you for understanding.


"South Shore Guitar Boutique"
"Zen Guitar Trading"
"Axe And You Shall Receive"
"JMAVE Guitars"
"WAREHOUSE Guitar Service"


  • Shuji Tanaka / helps us with selecting and seasoning wood material.
  • Kenichi Shiho / helps us making electronic circuits of our effectors.
  • Hiroatsu Araki / Professional web designer who helps us making this website.
  • Hiroshi Sekita / Professional bassist who help us building basses and recording music.
  • Shigeo Otaki / Helps us with making letterings for our logo medal and effectors.
  • Kazuharu Nagayama / Professional designer who helps us design logomark.
  • Yasuhiro Nakaoka / Professional photographer who advices us taking pics.
  • Katsunori Oohira / Helps us with phosphorescence paint.
  • Makoto Fukano / Helps us with pickup materials.
  • Fred Watanabe / Our teacher who has been truly supporting us.
  • Taku Sakashta / great guitar luthier who gave us a chance to make guitars.